Welcome to the Literacy with ICT Wiki

LwICT for Resource Teachers

Purpose of this Wiki

  • To provide a forum for the resource teachers attending the March 17, 2010 presentation about Literacy with ICT.
  • To show how the Continuum for Literacy with ICT supports ALL learners, including those who are challenged in their learning
  • To identify teaching and learning resources that target the needs of this group of educators and their students.

Where to Begin?

  • Click on the Agenda link on the left to learn more about the presentation.
  • Check out the Resources page to find links to a few resources you heard about during the presentation, and many more to explore on your own or with a colleague.
  • Click on Contacts to find information on the LwICT consultants at Manitoba Education

Manitoba Education Resources to Support Implementation of Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum

Manitoba Education Website: Literacy with Information and Communication Technology

WIKIs: Overview of and Access to WIKIs That Support the Implementation of LwICT

Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum

Blog. A Forum Where LwICT Practitioners Can Provide Feedback

Literacy with ICT

Ning. A Social Networking Space Where Practitioners of LwICT can Access Pertinent Information and Post to a Discussion Forum

Literacy with ICT

Social Bookmarking. A Database of Articles and Research That Support LwICT