Extra info not currently in public pages

September 29, 2010 Workshop

  1. Login at http://epearl.merlin.mb.ca/ltk/login/pages/user.php with your username and password
  2. Choose level 2 when prompted
  3. Choose ePEARL
  4. Select Artifact. This shows a list of all the products saved in ePEARL inyour portfolio. Click on Add a New Artifact.
  5. Complete each of the pages.
    • Notice the steps highlighted on the top portion of each page, showing you where you are at any time during the process. This will allow you to navigate back and forth.
    • Read the prompts in the blue box on top right that remind you what you have to do.
    • Click on the question marks for more information and an occasional video. As a teacher, you may want to use that information yourself to instruct a student.
  6. At the end, share your product with the whole class or with one of the students listed in the class.
    • Teachers will not be able to view a file or folder shared with them.
    • Logon as a student to view. Select Share, then Shared With Me. You will then be able to open a shared file.

Note: Lists of students and classes need to be set-up by the ePEARL administrator.