Facilitators Agenda


- find out where people at at in terms of they understanding of Literacy with ICT (fill in any gaps in understanding)
- this is what they have asked for:
I'd like the presentation to target grades 5-8, with particular focus on effective use of ICT for students with poor literacy, research, and analytical skills.
- talk about engaging students (all sorts of ways with ICT) and finding ways for them to communicate (able to do with ICT) so that they do not even realize that they are reading and writing, it is just fun learning.
- show Middle Years wiki on Engagement - http://mystudentengagement.wikispaces.com/
- show Middle Years engagement website -
- have teachers think about ways that they can engage students while using some different things we show them, maybe show them some of the tools and have them try one or two?

- There is also this site http://emylwt.wikispaces.com/ that is part of the MY wiki. However, it is a John Evans thing, and some of the resources are too much. like Diigo.
- Inspiration for organizing ideas is essential i think. for ex. showing teachers how to organize webs with top down, left to right, converting to table of contents, etc. This speaks to students who have difficulties organizing their thoughts, etc.
- ePearl of course. keep in mind the recording feature, the tutorial that takes students on the path. Good for those who can,t think in an organized manner
- what is a continuum. Snapshots represent a RANGE, not one grade level. Everyone will find themselves on a continuum. Resource students can feel good about themselves because a continuum represents what they CAN do

Can we think of ICT resources to suggest, not just to play with but to help them organize, sort, etc. which are skills that resource students have challenges with
  • ePearl epearl.merlin.mb.ca jordan, Matt, cwiebe, mlarose
  • Inspiration
  • Comic Life or some such tool

Need to find out whether I can bring my Mac
Roz, in case you're reading this: THANKS for all the resources you've identified. I think this will work just fine.
I had a chat with John and decided that even though they want to hands-on, I will not just because we can't possibly do anything effective in the short time. I'll give an overview of LwICT, use and purpose of continuum. talk about and demo ePearl and inspiration, esp features that will work best with their students, I'll mention about blogging and wiki-ing for their students and show them this resource page. If I'm lucky, I'll be done by 5....